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Why should educators use a social networking site?

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To build a Personal Learning Network:

1. Learn with others: Realize you are not alone in the your classroom!

2. To serve your students: Access new resources and ideas to incorporate into your curriculum in hopes of reaching all learners

3.  To access a dynamic resource: The ability to gain knowledge and insight in a fluid world; we no longer by texts that assist in teaching, we lean on one another

4.  Extend your learning base: Professional development from multiple resources

5. To stay engaged in education: To maintain that spark, that passion for reaching/teaching others

Professional Networking

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As an educator, I have always relied heavily on my colleagues for curriculum, assessment, reflection, and contemplation. However, the demands on an educator increase daily with additional evaluation requirements (both for themselves and their students), extensive curriculum to cover, and an increase in students on your roster. With the educator’s job description expanding, two questions remain: when do you find the time and how do you prioritize?

I realize this is the same dilemma faced by our students. Between their school load, activities, social commitments, when do you find the time? Then you add the bombardment of information we all face when utilizing technology – a constant influx of social networking, researching, news, media, e-mails, Skypes, etc…  how do you apply a filter?

By following my colleagues blogs and then reflecting in my own, I’m hoping gain a healthy approach to educational technology and informational literacy.